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  1. I have played the crap out of this game. My wife and kids have all loved this game, I have almost 30 hours into it and love every bit of it. It is literally the Pokémon game that we all had wanted but never gotten. It is on Xbox, gamepass and steam, I got it on steam and it is a great game and for being early access it blows most out of the water. Its overall player count is 2nd in steam records only to Pubg and possibly this weekend if the hype continues it may surpass that. Its currently peaked at 1.8 mil users which is nuts for an indie game out of nowhere. Take the plunge and enjoy, it has bits of pokemon, ark survival, and breath of the wild sprinkled in.
  2. I mean he could have stuck with that one or had multiple posts and deleted the others. A lot of people have already made predictions for GTA 7 the literal second after the trailer for 6 dropped. There was even half the day that GTA7 was trending on twitter, so just saying the year just seems he had a lucky guess. Someone hit him up for the month.
  3. I love how they design the wasted screen. As long as the keep it ragdoll slowmo im fine. Either way it probably wont bother me if it stays the same or changes.
  4. I am fine with it as long as its not a main focus. Some stuff here and there or like a tweet section on your phone but I hope nothing to crazy in it.
  5. I did see that, also the superbowl logo for the past 3 years I believe it was has the colors of the teams that were in the superbowl. Like this years colors are purple and red so if 49ers and Ravens go I think I am 100% on scripted and rigged.
  6. Juke

    Memes & Humor

    My memes are usually dark and inappropriate so I shall just chuckle at what you guys post here.
  7. I just need a bit of fishing and ill be good. That is my favorite addition to most games, sit and catch some fish.
  8. I had thought that there was a co op to a gta game but I do not know if it was real or something I had dreamed up one time. The players were tethered to each other and could only go so far away. Not sure if it was in the first vice city or I am just thinking of a complete different game. Either way I do no think they will add co op as most games have abandoned that style of gaming. I also enjoyed a good co op as i am not much for the current styles of multiplayer games.
  9. I know at times I have an addictive personality so I can get addicted to things easily, that being said I don't gamble or really ever want to gamble. The amount of loss that happens with gambling isn't worth to me the little gain or that 1 hit that may never come. I have friends that think they have made sure things and then something changes or a game goes completely a different way and the lose it all. Not worth to me, and I find it rather odd that the NFL openly pushes the gambling platforms now a days.
  10. My kids enjoy playing all types of games with the wife and I so on the weekends or holidays if we have nothing going on, we all just hop into a discord call and play games together. During that time we talk about anything and everything. Of course we also do plenty out of the house but its always fun for us when they are excited for a game day with mom and dad.
  11. I do believe that we will hear more throughout the year. I imagine there will be two more trailers this year, probably early summer and then beginning of November would my guess. I do not think there will be much info besides the intended videos, unless somebody else leaks stuff. I am on the hype train no matter if we stop and chill for awhile, we will start up once again.
  12. I believe the NPCs will have full lives like they do on Red Dead 2. It will be interesting to follow one around and see what they do. Maybe not everyone as that would be alot to follow but hopefully some.
  13. Was the picture uploaded before or after the video. It seems to me that a lot of the shocked look at what I got or the cover arts got closer only after the trailer had been revealed. With the VI being in the exact spot I feel like this was created after the trailer.
  14. I feel like that picture or banner is just going to be there everyday all day and it is just some special that this place offers but it wont be an actual event. To me it just feels like a promotion that is just there to spice up the area.
  15. I feel like when GTAV was released there was tons of hype, but the way the internet works and content goes now a days is way different then it had been. It had the same kind of hype but it feels a bit different.
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