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 Until there is more official information regarding GTA VI, the forum is restricted to "Pre-Release". As more information is released, subforum categories will be opened.


  1. Welcome

    1. Forum Rules   (1,232 visits to this link)

      Please read, these are the rules which govern this community.

    2. Our Vision and Our Future   (494 visits to this link)

      If you're interested in why this community was started or what the vision is for our future, please read the post in this section.

    3. Introduce Yourself

      Introduce yourself, strike up a conversation, make some friends.

    4. Suggestions, Comments, and Complaints

      Share suggestions, comments, complaints, etc... A place to make your voice heard so we can make this community better.

    5. The Lounge

      This is the place you can talk about whatever you want, GTA VI related or not. This section will have less moderation and generally, the rules are a lot more lenient. 

  2. Pre-Release

    1. News Releases (Pre-Release)

      News, trailers, updates, etc... Just about any news related to the upcoming release of GTA VI.

    2. Leaks & Unofficial News

      This can be anything not "officially" confirmed/released by Rockstar Games related to the upcoming release of GTA VI.

    3. General Discussion

      A place to talk about anything related to GTA VI.

    4. Speculation / Hopes (Pre-Release)

      What you want to see in GTA VI.

  3. GTA VI Campaign (Locked)

    1. Missions

      Need help completing a mission? Wonder what the alternative story lines are? This is the place to ask.

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    2. Main Characters

      A place to discuss anything related to the main characters. This includes their family, friends, clothes, hairstyles, fitness, and just about anything else.

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    3. Safehouses

      The places you lay your head and park your rides.

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  4. GTA VI Online (Locked)

    1. Find Players and/or Lobbies

      The name says it all, this is the place where you go to find people to play with.

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    2. Updates

      Discuss all the latest GTA VI Online updates.

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  5. The "In Between" (Locked)

    1. Secondary Characters

      A place to discuss the random people encountered throughout the game. This includes cops, crackheads, hookers, street vendors.... you get the idea.

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    2. Vehicles

      Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, Planes, Helicopters. If it helps you get around, discuss it here.

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    3. Easter Eggs

      Interesting things randomly found throughout the game.

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