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  1. Nice. I knew this was going to happen but didn't know when. I was hoping to see it happen but honestly forgot to keep checking it. Crazy that GTA 6 now has over 170 millions views though and so many likes.
  2. If it is going to impact anything it will likely have some effect on the story. We don't know if this is going to be a new relationship or an on again off again thing. We know Lucia starts off in prison. I think we see what put her in prison in the first place. Maybe her and Jason got caught but he got away. This can set up for Lucia stabbing him in the back later.
  3. They can just add in the mechanics from RDR2 and have fish for the location. I would be cool with this. Maybe have a few options for reels and bait. Have a few little bait shops along the beaches and stuff.
  4. This was a bit early to be making that sort of prediction but yeah I have a friend that said this back in 2015 or something. Said it probably won't come out for another 10 years.
  5. They can do a Lester type character that does scams online and have him be a part of the story in a minor way. Then you can work with him and do missions and such online for him after the fact. I am all for adding more characters to the game and the lore that reflect modern times and culture.
  6. I forgot about those middle islands. I mean if they are going to be true to the original map and just expand around it then they will have to include them but who knows.
  7. Nah I don't want anything of the sort. Some people said we should need to fill up gas too. That is just too real for a game like this. I mean imagine being online and running out of gas when you are in the middle of a fight with other players. Would not be good.
  8. Wait... That really happened?? LOL I thought that was some sort of joke or meme. I remember seeing it floating around but I didn't think there was an actual news story of it. YIKES!!! As for the OP, I love the idea of having this mixed in just because it has become such a huge part of Florida culture and internet humor.
  9. Did you see that some news channel supposedly leaked the super bowl results by mistake. Makes me think everything is rigged. So if the Ravens and the 49ers are the ones going, then yeah I am 100% certain sports are entirely rigged.
  10. There isn't really much you can do about it either cause our tech allows for people to do it virtually untraceable. It just encourages it to keep happening. I know a number of people that have been swatted and they aren't even political or famous. One was someone I knew from another forum. He streamed a few times a week on Twitch. Only ever got maybe 200 viewers at a time and he got swatted in 2021 and quit.
  11. I decided against it. I was going to but I would rather just use the money to upgrade my computer and stick with what I have for now. I will get a new console when they do the full updated next gen ones.
  12. Probably the case. I mean they would not put this much detail into something so minor. Like it is probably going to end up being optional decorations for the joint if you can manage it but I doubt we will have any sort of weekday events happening in GTA 6 on or offline.
  13. I did end up getting it cause a friend told me he would pay for half just cause he wanted someone to play with. The game is okay. I mean I am not playing the story only online. It isn't terrible but the older games they made are way better.
  14. This 100%. I do not want to start with everything again or the option for it cause this would end up displacing a lot of people who are new or choose not to start fresh.
  15. What did you think of the trailer since you posted this? I watched it like 20 or more times at this point. I just keep going back to it when I read something someone else mentions trying to find new details someone might have missed.
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