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  1. It passed up Minecraft by the way. I don't know if anyone saw it but it is over 170 million at this point. Minecraft is still sitting at 167M.
  2. Fort Baxter Airspace can be brought back cause we will need some sort of launching spot for aircrafts. I am not sure if they will bring back the smaller islands like Prawn and Starfish but it would be a nice throwback to see them.
  3. I know people were talking about getting sick and stuff too, this is all too much for GTA. I don't want this sort of realism in the game cause it takes away from it.. unless they have some sort of separate online mode I would not want it personally either way.
  4. I would love them to do like news stories on fake news sites you can read through and maybe have some "viral videos" and insane catches by the cops on TV. It is looking like we will have the later two I mentioned at the very least if the trailer is anything to go by.
  5. Fishing sounds good to me. Bowling is meh. I would rather be able to shoot pool or play poker. I mean I would guess we are going to have some sort of casino in the next game right? Give us some actual functioning poker tables to sit down at with NPCs and other players. Would be dope!
  6. I don't get saying this so shortly after the game was just released but lol for him being so accurate with the year. Is the tweet still live? I wanna go repost it and even pin the thing. That is too good!
  7. Follow meme accounts and shit posting accounts on twitter/x. You get more pull without having to fish through pointless crap on reddit and you can save stuff easier. You can also use 9GAG. Just avoid the comment section. A lot of wacko people on that website/app.
  8. Was going to say the same thing. That is basically just GTA 5. I mean they just slightly updated it from GTA 4. They should just stick with it tbh. Don't fix what isn't broken.
  9. So many people do this too even today. I remember seeing it all over the place popping up in like 2015 and now it is all over. Or you get the glazed over dead eye look Mr. Beast does in his thumbnails and that smile that makes him look like someone that strangles puppies
  10. Don't other games manage this just fine though? Like with the hit box differences. Maybe this would work into the favor of making the game easier or harder for players online as well.
  11. Not likely. I know they want to focus on having more buildings you can go into but I don't see this being one of them unless it is for a mission. They will likely make it so you have OP cops and guards that won't allow you to gain access to it unless it is for a mission.
  12. If they did it, they would have to parody Space X and have an Elon Musk parody as well. Maybe call him something like Ian Mausk or something. lol I know he would appreciate the parody even though he is not a fan of the game itself.
  13. Same here. The one in GTA 5 is fine to me. I know some people didn't like it as much as older ones but I am not bothered really.
  14. I hate these soy boy shocked/surprise looks in stills and thumbnails it is so cringy man. I even remember that dude's video too. But yeah this was not that hard of a guess tbh. We knew it would have palm trees and likely be sunset colors cause Miami is known for its night life.
  15. It is at 166.4 now! I think it is going to pass it up probably within the week. It is Wednesday now... I am going to bet it will pass up Minecraft by Saturday.
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