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  2. i think this would fit in perfectly for races or even some sort of missions almost like in hitman where u have to blow of one of the race cars
  3. i feel like a base of 80 isnt out of the picture as people will purchase it anyway and i wouldnt be suprised if premium or deluxe versions reach upwards of 100 - 150
  4. If they did elon would probably let them because hes appeared in many shows before and it sound like something he would let happen but it could be a heist of some sort or even a vehicle
  5. i think adding a rust feature or something similar wouldnt be bad but i think including a option to purchase some sort of protection film so ur car wont rust
  6. I personally think that adding some new heists instead of the basic bank or shop would be instresting especially the idea of crpyto
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  8. Big congrats to Rockstar on this. I am guessing that it will get over 200 mil easy by the end of the year at this rate. Still a lot of people going back and watching it again and again.
  9. Yeah I don't remember what it looked like either tbh. I mean in my mind it don't look much different. Are there any pics of what it looked like before they updated everything?
  10. That kind of sucks cause I really wanted to see the city get destroyed. Would have been interesting to see the aftereffects too. Maybe they will have a hurricane hit the city for the story at least.
  11. I heard something similar but this is just all based on rumors. It would make sense to have him in the game this way though seeing as viral videos drop from all over.
  12. It will include one. It has become a staple for their games and people look forward to getting them. I wish I still had all the ones from the games I had played.
  13. I don't want nothing like this to be tied into the economy of the game. I am fine with there being story about it and maybe a criminal that is scamming people but do not want anything tied to the economy other than money.
  14. They likely won't just because the model they had in GTA 5 was better. We will likely just get that again. It gave $20k a pop too which is way better than getting like $1,000 here and there.
  15. I play the piano. I can manage like a few dozen or so songs. I don't play much anymore. It was something my mother made me do as a kid. I don't really enjoy it but it is nice to whip it out now and then to impress the ladies lol
  16. Nope. I never really looked into it either. I mean I am honestly too lazy to get something like this set up. Maybe I will change my mind when I have a house and am not renting. I can set up security cams and stuff on my own network.
  17. Doing to download it tonight and give it a go. Looks interesting. Not sure if it is something I will enjoy or not. I have to wait and see. Bunch of people are saying it is less buggy than the latest Pokemon and way more fun too.
  18. Nah I suck at it LOL I mean I did play when I was younger but never got good enough for anything outside of band which was very simple. I dropped it entirely by 11th grade though.
  19. I knew people that posted stuff like this back then though. Heck, my brother said it was coming out in 2025 when RDR2 came out. He had no way of knowing that would be the case.
  20. I think we might see some gator wrestling and maybe even some mud wrestling from the looks of the trailer. Both of which I am down for! Would be hilarious and fun to do a bit of back yard wrestling with some people or gators!
  21. If it does cost more, they won't go over $90. I can see them bumping it up to $80 though but $90 feels like a stretch. No way they do $100+
  22. I don't see many people talking about this. I am wondering what gangs we might see in Vice City. Do you have any ideas or suggestions as to which type of gangs we would see considering it is based on Miami and will be partially in Florida as well?
  23. Same for me. I would hate to have to fill up gas and stuff. Like unless this was a separate mode, not thanks! I want to relax and play, not have to worry about rust and gas lol
  24. Real ones? I doubt that... We will see them play on reality and make the "real stories" even funnier and shocking though, no doubt in my mind about that!!
  25. I still have my GTA 5 map in the case somewhere. I never took it out cause I didn't have anywhere to hang it at the time. I might get a collection going and get the older posters as well and frame them all for some art on my walls. If I can be bothered. lol I am sure GTA 6 will include a map poster.
  26. For anyone not familiar, I included a screen shot that explains it. I think this is something they could bring back but have it pay a bit more. I know in GTA 5 they had those random events that you get rewarded for but they can just have more of this stuff and just scatter it all over the city. Like a dude stealing a woman's purse, a guy trying to take someone's rims off someone else's car, things like that. Have it so we can stop them and be rewarded but also make it so there is a chance the person has a gun as well.
  27. You know if they did something like this though that people would manipulate it online. Unless they just had it be part of offline like the stock market in GTA 5.
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