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  1. I play something most days in the winter but I play mostly during the week in the warmer months like during summer cause I have more going on and want to be outside more. I don't like being stuck inside when it is nice outside.
  2. The only kind of gambling I will do is when I have some sort of control of the outcome. So like playing poker for example. I don't do scratch offs, slots, or even sports betting because I have little to no control when it comes to winning or losing there.
  3. Where do you guys get your memes from? I used to save them from reddit but they don't save as easy as they used to and it is a pain for me to do it on mobile. I know there are other sites that have memes and stuff though. I just can't think of any lol
  4. Even if you aren't wrecking your car, I would like to see some sort of wear and tear happen. Like maybe cheaper junker cars will randomly just give out and stop or not start to begin with. Have certain paint jobs, cheaper ones, show signs of rust and stuff from being in the rain. I would like some details like this to be part of the game if at all possible. Thoughts?
  5. We don't know what will all be part of the game but we can speculate things. I am hoping that we will have options like surfing, bowling, and fishing. I mean they did show fishing happening in the trailer so I am almost certain that will be a part of the game. What else though?
  6. I wonder if they were okay with him mentioning he was involved. Seems like Rockstar don't want anyone knowing anyone that is involved with the game in terms of characters or story. Like non of the voice actors and stuff.
  7. That is what I thought but I wasn't 100% on it. I actually didn't even know it had this much of a background to it. I just thought it was there for filler and something to plop behind the casino to take up space lol
  8. It likely has to do with mechanics they would have to ensure all model sizes fit in or on all vehicles which can be hard but also the hit box will be different. The bigger you are, you essentially have a larger hit box.
  9. Oh for sure. Allow us to have access to some sort of boat shop or something where we can add things to our water vehicles. Would not mind that at all. Big ask but we will see!
  10. Yeah we have some local stations that mainly play stuff from like the late '80s to early '00s. I prefer that era of music. I think we have had some amazing music come from that time period that has since been unmatched. Everything is too doctored. I don't want to see a ton of modern music in GTA 6.
  11. A lot of people are very stupid or ignorant to their own actions and this has always been the case. We just unfortunately gave these same people more power and ability by normalizing people being online 24/7.
  12. I don't think it needs to be THAT realistic. Like I get why people want stuff like this to be updated but it is not necessary and part of the charm with GTA is having money just fall on the ground. lol
  13. Geeze! I knew it got a massive amount of views but I did not realize it was this close to passing Minecraft up! I wonder if this will start some kind of war among internet communities. Like I can totally see die hard Minecraft players advocating to get more views on it. lol
  14. I am a snack guy. I should probably cut back but I have made myself a bad habit of eating one meal a day and snacking the rest of the time. Not exactly healthy but maybe I will change that this year? Anyways, what are some of your go-to snacks? Like when you are watching a movie, TV series, sports, etc. or just gaming. Like what do you like to passively munch on? My current snack I am newly addicted to are pickle cashews. I know it sounds disgusting but they are amazing. My problem is that I end up killing an entire bag in one sitting so I only get them once a week haha. I usually go with something like popcorn or doritos outside of this. The popcorn I like the most is air-popped and I add the butter. I have one of those small ones that sounds like a blow dryer.
  15. YESSS! I want this too! I mean if there is enough space on the map with water they can do boat racing as well. I wouldn't mind even seeing some RC boat racing in the game since that is something a lot of people are into in Florida.
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