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Possible 4 playable characters

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The more that r* teases the more likely it is seeming, but i have also hear lucia might be an undercover officer and this could mean she could serve as two players, id love to spark up a convo about this chums, obviously not a lot has been said about it but in gta iv they had a most wanted system and you could hunt down criminals with a lcpd cruiser and in gta v it is missing, also originally gta online was supposed to be a cops and crooks style game with gang and police territory, they could reuse that obviously update, also playing as an undercover cop would change up the gameplay so much and possibly make clothing more important to hide you appearance from the public and law enforcement, also playing as a kingpin going on a crime spree while you stand next to your undercover cop buddy would be a very morally violating experience, but its interesting that Jason and Lucia aren't next to each other throughout the leaks, they have only been seen in a motel and a night club in the leaks, i heard that in red dead 2 before it released you could ask gang members to go out of camp with you, it seemed like it was scraped and i think they did that because they realized you were supposed to experience the world alone similar to rdr1, they will probably use this system in gta vi like in San Andreas.

 Seeing how far the rage engine has come since L.A Norie and gta iv makes me so excited for the technology as and amateur game developers i imagine working with rage is like discovering el dorado, also finally being able to interact with npc like they do is awesome, it makes my mouth water, combat is exciting and engaging, where in gta v if feels like your shoot with a button compared to rdr2 you feel the weight of whatever gun your holding in the recoil, the reload or just holding it at your side it give you a different feeling rather just holstering it, it makes you feel BIG, like you have god im your hands, and therefore and extension of god, and with recent mods with the AK47 and AR in rdr2 and even Ozzie's its going to be a beautiful game for sure, let all cross are fingers and pray, there are still 2 mouths left this year but im almost certain it will be out by next year, things are tight lipped for a reason it can only be a good thing. Right...

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